Anti-terrorism is state’s terrorism!

abolish_capitalism_smash_the_stateProletarians, let’s refuse to submit to the anti-terrorist campaign of the state!

Anti-terrorism is state’s terrorism!

The capitalist terrorism against the humanity speeds up everywhere in the world. The raising of foodstuffs price, the massive layoffs and the cut in social allowances, following the current capitalist crisis, throw hundreds of millions of proletarians out into the street and deprive them of the most elementary means of survival.

First and foremost it’s deprivation of our means of life by capital that is terrorist!

To stand up for themselves against the exponential worsening of survival conditions, proletarians take to the street and confront the state in dozens of countries all over the world, and right now in Greece, Italy, and Spain…

The states, their laws and their police harshly suppress any proletarian action (picket line, traffic blockade, sabotage, demonstration, etc.) that hinders sacrosanct “free movement of labour, right to work, to sell, and to buy…”. Struggling proletarians are systematically accused by the state “to take innocent victims hostage” (i.e. citizens who submit to the bourgeois law and order), to intimidate them, and to terrorize them.

It is actually the bourgeoisie that feels terrorized by the fact that merchant property and freedom are being called into question, and this is the reason why it tends to broaden its definition of “terrorism” to any action that breaks with the democratic order. It means thus at the same time:

  • Hiding the fundamentally terrorist nature of its domination while exclusively putting terrorism into the same category as the proletariat’s violent reactions, while deliberately confusing those reactions that stand in a class perspective and those that various containments lead astray towards aclassist, reformist, religious, national liberation purposes;
  • Consolidating its legal, juridical and ideological arsenal of repression against any protest movement targeting the merchant order;
  • Imposing among the exploited the ideological division between “innocents” and “culprits”, between “honest citizens” and “terrorist barbarians”;
  • Finally isolating proletarians who break with Social Democrat pacifism and pushing their class brothers and sisters to denounce and dissociate.

It is essential to affirm against these bourgeois manoeuvres that:

  • First and foremost what is terrorist it’s the very bases of the democratic system of property and liberty, the legal rules protecting this latter!
  • Any compromise to the anti-terrorist campaign of the state directly means collaborating to the repression of any protest against capital’s daily terrorism against the humanity!
  • The proletarians repressed in the name of anti-terrorism are our fellow proletarians!

Solidarity means to struggle anywhere against the state!

Comrades, this leaflet is an expression of our struggling class, copy it, and spread it!

ICG – Internationalist Communist Group – December 2008


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